Tales From The Campaign

“What do you do?”

“I’m in Public Affairs”

This is my Q&A to just about every person I speak to on a dating app (no, not that one).

The dating world is a genuine nightmare. It’s full of pitfalls, it’s expensive, it’s unfulfilling and it’s stressful. It’s even worse when you’re in politics…..

And that’s just for the person who’s dating me.

When you work in politics and you meet someone for the first time, they usually fall into one of two categories.

Some will say “Oh, it’s all too much for me and I don’t understand it”.

The majority of people think that it gives them carte blanche to tell you every single thing that is wrong with politics.

Their opinions.
What they think your opinions are.
What their sister’s rabbit’s vet thinks of the state of Britain’s bee population. You know the kind of thing – you’ve probably done it before!

Working in politics is really hard work. It can be stressful, it can be painful and it is certainly tiring. But in my 8 or so years working in this industry, I’ve met the most incredible people. I’ve had the most amazing experiences and I’ve actually had a lot of fun.

So I wanted to share with you some of the more ridiculous experiences I’ve had in my career. The highs and lows of what actually goes on.
I’m going to try and tell you stories about things that have gone wrong in campaigns that I’ve run and been a part of. The days where I was flapping so hard that I almost took off and the very sweet things that people have done and the amazing people that I’ve come across.

Remember – when you’re out campaigning and you knock on a voters’ door, you have NO idea what’s behind it, who will come out and what they’re going to say to you. That’s the beauty of what we do.

I’m hoping that Tales from the Campaign will be a fun little series that explores the funnier side of campaigning.

And if you’re in politics, let me know and maybe you could share your stories too!

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  1. Yaaaassssss im excited these series of stories will be allowing my carte Blanche 😀
    Can’t wait!!

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