As Winter turns to Spring, and people begin to plan their Summer, it’s always good to sit back, pour a drink, and reflect on how the year is going.

Renewal is one of those sometimes powerful, sometimes slightly vacuous words that can mean so much and at the same time so little.

You can renew your car insurance or renew your wedding vows. But most importantly, you can renew yourself, reset your mind and steam ahead with your year. I’ve taken to doing breathing exercises – I guess you would call it a form of meditation. In the morning, I use it to mentally prepare for what’s to come. Before bed, I use it to wash away the stress of the day. For me, that’s short-term renewal.

Long term renewal goes a bit deeper. It’s a sort of ‘Spring Clean’. Taking up a hobby, going somewhere that you never thought you would go to, or just making sure that each day you think of one good thing in your life – and smile. Because however low you feel, there is always something positive that you can think about.

Not knowing what is ahead of you is one of the great positives/negatives (reader, delete as applicable!) in life. The power of uncertainty can be a huge strain. Not knowing what comes next, not knowing where you’ll be in 5 years, not knowing who or what you’ll have to face in your life – not knowing what you’ll have for dinner that evening. However, the power of uncertainty can liberate you beyond your wildest dreams. Taking one day at a time, reflecting on what’s gone on in the past and the amazing opportunities that lie ahead of you…it’s an exhilarating experience.

I’m going on that journey now and I’ve decided to delete the negative. Finding the courage to speak up and talk about life in a positive way isn’t easy, and for reasons that we all know about, it’s even more difficult to do it as a man.

In 5 years’ time, I don’t know where I’ll be. I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I don’t know where I’ll be living. But one thing that I do know, is that I will be refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated, with wonderful people around me.

When the clocks change this weekend, some of us in the UK will describe it as a ‘Spring forward’ moment. For me, Spring is the most exciting time of the year. (Hopefully) 6 months of warmth, (relatively!) good weather, as well as dinner, drinks and laughter in the sun. It’s certainly a time to spring forward and make sure that we are in a place to ask ourselves whether we used the renewal of the new season to better ourselves.

On that note, I better renew this domain name.

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