Martini Monday: PTS We

Some people are blessed with a large family. I’m not. I’m blessed with a small family.

It’s just really my Mum, Dad and I. When I speak to friends about their familes, it always strikes me how close I am to my parents. We speak a few times a week on the phone, but we WhatsApp every day. We have this group: “Nick Knowles Fan Club”…It’s an ironic name, we can’t stand him.

I can’t put too fine a point on it. My parents are amazing.

We’ve overcome an awful lot as a family. Now isn’t the time to go into it, but I couldn’t have wished for two more loving, supportive parents. I just hope that I am able to support them in any way that I can. If I can bring up my children half as well as they brought me up, I’ll be pretty chuffed.

I see my Dad more, because he is down in London quite a bit on work. We always try and meet up when he is down, not because it’s something we have to do, but because we absolutely love each other’s company. He had a big birthday last year and when I got up to make a toast, I said that he’s not just my Dad, but he’s pretty much my best friend.

Dad was born just after the war and grew up playing football around the bombsites of London. It’s funny how life works out – his Dad was a bus conductor, and I actually use the bus route that he used to work on! My Dad is the epitome of someone who took charge, worked hard and made it. I am so proud of him.

My Mum is Scottish and is from the borders. She met my Dad in London, and the rest is history. She’s the most amazing cook. I know that everyone says that their Mum makes the best food, but trust me. Mine does. You’ll have to come round sometime and try it.

I’m 29 and I love going on holiday with them. When we went to Crete last year, it was brilliant. We ate, drank, laughed, and then laughed a lot more. My parents just ‘get’ me. It’s difficult to explain or put it down in writing. But they’ve always had my back and even when I’ve disappointed them, in whatever way, we’ve talked it through, put it down to experience and marched on together.

The biggest inspiration from them, however, is their relationship. It’s built on mutual respect, good conversations, an amazing work ethic and absolute love. It’s something that I strive for every day in my own life.

So on this Martini Monday, let’s raise a glass to Pamela and Tony. They’re fab.

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  1. Being a family of three myself, I sincerely appreciate the closeness you share with yours. Three cheers to Pamela and Tony! What a beautiful testament to the people you love the most. Party on, Pilchers! ♥️♥️♥️

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