Anyone that knows me will know that I am a serial dieter.

Intermittent fasting (nice but too samey) , the Lemonade diet (awful), sticking to 1,500 calories a day (hangry), going to the gym every day (I like my bed too much).

In the first 4 months of 2018, I managed to lose 20lbs.

I went from this:

Very Round in NYC

To this:

Tart in Europe

My weight has stabilised hugely in the last year, without the fluctuations of going up and down.

I just love food too much. I keep trying to prep my lunch for work on a Sunday but to be honest, I can’t say no to a Brie and Tomato baguette from Eat. Then there’s the vending machine at work. I actually think that I’m keeping it in business…

And sometimes, I’ll pick up two things for lunch. But then, why not?

One thing that I’ve taught myself over the last year is that we all come in all shapes and sizes. Beauty isn’t skin deep. It radiates from the inside.

So yeah, I’ll do the odd Barry’s Bootcamp class. I’ll go and do Express Abs with the Yummy Mummies at the Nuffield up the road from me. Sometimes if I’m organised, I’ll book myself into a Body Pump class with those same people from Wandsworth.

I’m going on vacation later this month for two weeks. I’ll be on a beach, I’ll be partying and I’ll be living my best life with some people who I absolutely adore…and I cannot wait for it.

So yeah, screw the diet. Live your life and don’t look back. You’ll be surprised at how much you forget life’s inconveniences.

I always like to have a ‘Drink with Stuart’ element to any post, so I’ll be drinking Vodka and Soda Water (with a SLICE, not a splash of lime). I didn’t know what it was actually called until my colleague told me that it’s name is a Skinny Bitch.

This summer, enjoy the sun, go on holiday. Don’t go on holiday. Have that double lunch. Down a Skinny Bitch. Have a Drink With Stuart!

You know what? Focus on your own life and your own enjoyment and it might even make you a happier person.

2 thoughts on “Diet”

  1. Great advice! I’ll be sitting on that beach with you drinking vodka sodas with lime, living our best lives. I do believe this calls for guacamole and chips….

  2. SCREW THE DIET! Yessss!! Be you and be happy!! You deserve every bit of it! And glad to read you said some as I can’t make that trip 🙂 but I’ll be drinking a few skinny bitches on my beach giggling to myself now 😀
    Miss ya x

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