A Weird Year

About a year ago, life looked very, very different. I was on a flight back from New York, where I’d spent my birthday with my husband, having had the best long weekend doing everything that I wanted with the person I wanted to see the world with. I didn’t think I could get any happier.

A year later, like Carrie Bradshaw, I’m sitting in bed typing this, without a husband (I didn’t kill him!), but even happier and more fulfilled than before.

It’s difficult to describe 2018 in one word, but I think I would say that is has been educational. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about the people who are in (and some of whom are now out) of my life. I’ve met people I never dreamt of meeting, and I’ve had experiences that I never expected I would have.

I’ve had heartache like never before, losing two people, one through death and one through a break up, that I didn’t think I would get over.

But here I am, in Wandsworth, getting ready to make that Christmas journey up to Glasgow. And for the first time in my life, there will be no grandparents, no husband, no partner. It will be just Mum, Dad and I. I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve been utterly useless at updating this blog since the Summer. Some of this has been because I have been too busy, some of it is because I have been lazy. But over this Christmas season, I’m going to try and blog about the things I should have blogged about since the Summer. My weekend at a festival, the death of my grandmother, the ridiculously long time it takes to get divorced in the UK, and yes, all the times that my friends have enjoyed Drinks With Stuart.

So. Enjoy your journeys back to your families. And if you’re not spending time with loved ones this holiday season, take some time out to sit and reflect. Make sure you ask yourself, “how would I describe 2018?”

1 thought on “A Weird Year”

  1. Yessss!!! I’ve turely missed these blogs! I absolutely love reading them! Please keep us updated and you are by far my favourite blogger and I have read over all your post at least 5xs (weird as it may be)
    Your an Insperation of a human! And such a warm hearted strong powerful individual. I absolutely love that about you. Hopefully one day we could share a drink together x
    Have a fantastic Christmas with mum and dad!
    Thank you again Stuart x #cheers

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