8 Weeks


Remember when you saw 28 Days Later and thought that it was completely awful? Now, double it. 56 days later. Fifty Six days since I went into self-isolation/lockdown.

One Monday, about a year ago, I found a cheap return flight and AirBnb (remember what they were?) to Malaga for that weekend. I thought nothing of it and most people that know me just thought it was Stuart being bougie…again. It was a great weekend of just exploring somewhere that I hadn’t visited before and laying at the beach.

Fast forward 12 months and we’re going through this awful pandemic and we don’t know when or how this will all end. It’s pretty scary to think how quickly life and the world can change.

Anyway, whilst *every* homosexual seems to have baked banana bread (this one hasn’t), I’ve seen plenty of social media posts telling people how much they’ve achieved since lockdown began.

But actually, I’m pretty sure that getting through this relatively unscathed is a massive success. You don’t need to have started some new venture, done 30 days of yoga, created a podcast or whatever.

Yes, I’ve lost a few pounds (mostly on ASOS and Amazon). And yes, I’ve even recaptured my love of speaking Spanish (soy un desastre).

I’ve thrown my weight behind cooking. It’s actually really nice to be able to spend some time making really nice food on a budget. And I keep setting myself a challenge on how long I can go without heading to the supermarket. Because let’s face it – I don’t want to be around anyone else at the moment.

I might start uploading stuff about cooking throughout this. Maybe some recipes and things like that.

Also, for the record, I bought a cocktail set and it’s changed my life. Low calorie spirits like vodka or tequila, with fruit – I’m basically losing weight.

How are you dealing with lockdown? How long have you been at home? What are you doing to get through this? It might just be getting through a boxset of a TV show that finished a while ago (you know I’m friends with a Desperate Housewife, right?)

Let me know. And in the mean time, just stay safe. x

P.S – if you don’t know what soy un desastre means in English, take a look at my Instagram and it’ll give you a relatively accurate depiction.

2 thoughts on “8 Weeks”

  1. Well you’re not a disaster but just a very caring and lovely person who lights up our lives xxx


    A cooking recipe blog along with a cocktail weight loss chapter of events will be a perfect addition to the DWS!!
    Absolutely love reading your thoughts!
    You have been a perfect example of a caring citizen taking this pandemic seriously! Wish many more had your solidarity!! Keep up the cooking and I’m looking forward to 4in a bed (the tv show) but pardon the pun lol!
    Estar seguro hermoso x

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